Thursday, 20 October 2016

Progress meeting of Khel held on 19th October 2016 at Shenoy Innovation Studio.

The Khel Project is developing multimedia gaming tools for education in primary schools. Yesterday, we had a progress meeting: Our project investigator Prof. B. K. Chakravarthy, Co project investigator Prof. Shilpa Ranade, alongwith the IDC team members Bhavna, Nishith and Arpita — met with the Logitia Team, The Paper Boat Team and The Edu is Fun team

Each team will take care of a specialized task, as we move in to execute our very first game: 
  • The Paper Boat team is working on all aspects of animation, story boarding, character modelling, voice recording and music for the first English game of the KHEL project. From Paper Boat we had Pratik Santosh, Sachin Rane and Krishnendu Roy join us for the meeting.
  • Logitia team members Mahesh Chulet and Satish Dhomne will be taking care of our programming and back end data collection.
  • Usha Madduri, Manoj Rautaray and Jatin Solanki from the Edu is Fun team will be  working on the Game design, game play and back end set up.

Looking forward to some dynamic interactions and really positive results.