Monday, 28 March 2011

Shenoy Innovation Studio - Humanizing Technology

Collaborative and network driven innovation is the buzz word in this era of globalization and high competition. In light of this need of the hour, Shenoy Innovation Studio (SIS) is the latest facility added to the Industrial Design Center at IIT Bombay.

Core Value

SIS is an innovation studio aimed to aid industries in innovating continuously by designing methodologies tailored to their specific conditions and needs. SIS will create a balance between design and management thinking. Flexible Collaborative Model of Innovation, developed by Prof. B. K. Chakravarthy, will form the backbone of this innovation methodology. The design philosophy will be based on, Collaborative Design, that seeks a synergetic consideration of the three cores: user insight, new technology and creative ideation.


The core philosophy of SIS is innovation by humanizing technology.


SIS’s attention is directed towards disruptive as well as sustaining innovation for development of new and futuristic products and services that will delight the users. The methodologies developed in the studio covers large industries in private and public sector, small scale industries, government sector and craft sector.

It intertwines the education system with the industry in a mutually beneficial collaboration. This helps to increase levels of excellence and relevance in learning, teaching and research. At the same time more refreshing and out of the box outlook for the industry can be generated by the academia.

Process – Flexible Collaborative Model

Flexible Collaborative Model for Innovation consists of three teams: the core team, the enterprise wide cross-functional team, and the networked external team. The function and composition of the three levels are diagrammatically explained on the next page. These three teams together form the innovation team of an enterprise.

This innovation team needs to work directly under the top management as representation of top management in the collaborative network is very essential for the creation of an organization-wide innovation culture.

SIS educates and trains the members of the core team and enterprise wide cross-functional team by conducting demonstration programs and pilot projects to accelerate methodology and technology development, advance research in product conceptualization, organize creativity clinics and practice collaborative design.
In order to handle all communications and knowledge developed by the interactions of the three levels of the innovation team, an effective knowledge management system suited to specific enterprise needs is drawn out. Identification and reduction of barriers and inhibitors to innovation from human resource aspect is also undertaken.

In short, SIS helps an enterprise in developing an efficient and effective innovation management system using the Flexible Collaborative Model.