Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Modular and Multifunctional Spaces

The concept of modular and multifunctional spaces has been a well established design aspect. But see how architect Gary Chang from Hong Kong took it to the next level by transforming his 344 sq. ft. apartment into 24 different designs just by sliding panels and walls. He converts his living space into multi-utility zones as per the need of the day.

How can we use this in the Indian context of slums? So we went into some slum houses and studied the interiors. Very interestingly people use every cubic meter of space available to them. Hence the challenge of modularity of our context lies in the modular utilization of 3D space. For example, the washing space is not in use all the time. Very interestingly some of the slum houses had a washing area so small that a person can only crawl in to use it. Others had not so well demarcated washing areas and hence all other members of the house will go out when someone wanted to take a bath.

3D space utilization
A house with a washing area in which one needs to crawl in as the height is only 1.6 m