Friday, 22 April 2016

The Low Cost Vein Detector

IDC (Industrial Design Centre) Student—Trivikram Annamali’s Low Cost Vein detector Design— has already won laurels: Trivikram was awarded the “Young innovator Award” by Zee 24 taas and DNA ( for this project. At Shennoy Innnovation Studio, we are now perfecting this for the market.

The Concept
Inability to accurately find a vein during medical procedures, results in multiple pricks and lost time. To make this process less of a “nightmarish” task, Trivikram explored a low cost vein detector.  Details of the project can be found  on

The Progress
Feb 2016 onwards, we have been exploring forms and shapes for a better ergonomic and aesthetic fit. We are also exploring what kind of LED’s can be used and in what quantity.