Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Helmet Workshop

The Helmet Workshop was held on 9th, 10th April. The original helmet design was made in 2005 by IDC (Industrial Design Centre, IIT-B) student Mandar Kale. We created a new CNC prototype and brought it into our workshop to brainstorm on ways to improve the helmet, bring it into production and market it.  At the workshop, we disussed and conceptualised the following:
  • A two piece locking mechanism was conceptualised.
  • It was decided to explore new materials for the cushioning and casing while a nylon lining was finalised upon.
  • It was decided to change the position and styling of the ear straps and create a streamlined ear covering. We will also explore a silicon mould being attached to the polycarbonate casing in a single mold.