Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Affordable Habitat Models - Value and Budget Housing Corporation and Janadhar Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

Several initiatives have been taken by private entrepreneurs towards building affordable houses for Indian low income groups. Value and Budget Housing Corporation is one of such initiatives. The company tries to streamline the construction sector activities through efficient management techniques by drawing its inspiration from industrial production philosophy. Construction techniques like Engineered Metal Forming Systems for Concreting are used. This technique helps in building an entire house (inclusive of construction, design, specification, planning, budgeting, execution) in one day. Building Information Modeling and 3 D modeling techniques help in planning the processes so as to avoid any clashes between architectural , electrical, plumbing and structural design in the pre-construction phase itself. Hence various models can be drawn out from which the most optimum can be selected. Thus VBHC can deliver apartments to its clients within 12 months of booking.

The offer price of a VBHC house is from 6.8 to 13.9 Lakhs INR for a studio, 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartment where the caret area varies from 251 - 481 sq. ft. Since land prices are a big hurdle, VBHC has opted to construct houses that are minimum ground + 9 and located in sub-urbs or outskirts of cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, NCR, etc. VBHC has decided to work on profit levels that is common in industrial products, 10-20%, rather than the construction industry standard of almost 100%.

Janaadhar Constructions Pvt. Ltd., on the other hand, is floated by Janalakshmi Social Services, a not-for-profit entity. It aims at blending marketing principles with not-for-profit spirit. They offer 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments of 400 and 615 sq. ft at 5 Lakhs INR and above. It is supported by Sterling Developers Private Limited, a leading name in the construction industry for high - end premium housing projects. Hence it presents a unique blend of partners to this venture. Janaadhar is also building housing project in outskirts of Bangalore to reduce the land price.

Both the companies have also initiated a financing scheme for the customers since they realized that the Indian banking sector does not lend to non-salary holders. But the ground reality of most customers of these companies is that they are self-employed. They are bent towards providing good living conditions by incorporating amenities like schools to the residents too.

The basic principle behind the organization of both the companies is to make housing affordable through streamlined construction management, efficient construction techniques and financial assistance. Any brief visit to a slum or a chawl presents another very basic requirement of the inhabitant there...the community spaces and the social life. These aspects have not been considered in both the cases. The other ignored aspect is the fact that the slums provide a living and work space together, hence the term habitat. The true impact of these socio-economic indifference of the two projects on its residents can be assessed only when they actually get inhabited.